Music Label

JRipato Corp.'s robots create sound and music as a way to express themselves and invite you to share something different.
Consequently we opened in September 2018 this new section and decided to produce and promote, as a music label, the productions of each character of our team.


Roboto Dansu

For the begining of 2019, we are proud to annonce you the birth of the first Orange Velvet's CD. Result of the 2 performances she made in Japan in May 2018, she invites you to rediscover these moments spent with her Japanese family.
Get your copy in pre-order now on our Bandcamp.
Links to Orange Velvet's work:
To listen her music: Soundcloud.
To discover her video clips: Youtube Channel


Next production will be Johny Ripato's first EP (undefined date).
Johny Ripato's music: Soundcloud
Johny Ripato's videos: Vimeo

All the music label goodies are available on our Bandcamp.
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