JRipato Corp.

A land where robots can dream of electric sheep

JRipato Corp. is a robot factory created in 1975, based in Brussels. We are the creators of the japanese pop idol robot Orange Velvet, well known in Belgium and Asia.

We offer you different Robot services: Robot rental for your events at home, Robot goodies (available in our shop), Robot music with a brand new label we created. Also Robot news available on our blog.

We are attending various events all around the world to show our robots and their functions. To be notified of our upcoming dates, please subscribe to our newsletter. Also, Contact us for an estimate.

JRipato Corp. collaborates with others to bring something new, born from a shared vision.
We already work with severals creators, artists, photographs. We have collaborators in Japan too. Fell free to contact us to work together.

Johny Ripato, as the robot manager of Ripato.com wishes you all the best and hopes you enjoy visiting our website.

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